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Nov 4, 2021

Ingrid chats with money mentor, Ray Dodd, about how to make money fun. They discuss the way that our attitude to money affects the whole of our businesses, and ways that you can learn to hold money a little more lightly.

Ray Dodd is a Money and Business Coach who helps women earn life-changing amounts of money without having to compromise who they are. If you’re hearing the term ‘money and business coach’ and wincing a little – imagining fluffy talk of manifesting millions in your sleep, – prepare to have your fears soothed – because you’re in for a treat. Ray is a money coach with a difference. You won’t hear ‘just think good thoughts and watch the money come rolling in’ from her. Ray believes that money, business and taking up space are inextricably linked and that there’s a lot more to making money than just trying to manifesting it.

Find Ray at
and on Instagram at @ray_dodd

Podcast created and presented by Ingrid Fernandez from Dec + Dash Legal Consulting.

Edited by Emily Crosby Media.

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